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NBA Games

DEN (106)
PHI (98)
WB: 22/8/3
CLE (116)
TOR (112)
LJ: 34/8/7
WAS (118)
BKL (113)
JW: 25/1/13
OKL (102)
ATL (99)
RW: 32/13/12
BOS (106)
HOU (107)
JH: 37/8/8
MEM (110)
NOR (108)
MG: 28/11/11
SAS (97)
MIL (96)
LA: 18/9/5
POR (112)
CHI (110)
DL: 30/4/7
CHA (109)
DAL (101)
HB: 29/7/2
UTA (107)
LAL (101)
LW: 38/6/7
IND (106)
GSW (142)
KT: 60/2/1
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NBA Headlines

Klay Thompson - GSW
Thompson: 60/2/1/0/0 vs. INDDec. 5
Rudy Gobert - UTA
Gobert: 17 rebounds vs. LALDec. 5
Lou Williams - LAL
Williams: 38 points vs. UTADec. 5
Marc Gasol - MEM
Gasol: 28/11/11/2/2 vs. NORDec. 5
Anthony Davis - NOR
Davis: 28/17/1/4/1 vs. MEMDec. 5
James Harden - HOU
Harden: 37 points vs. BOSDec. 5
Damian Lillard - POR
Lillard: 30/4/7/2/2 vs. CHIDec. 5
Russell Westbrook - OKL
Westbrook: 32/13/12/1/1 vs. ATLDec. 5
LeBron James - CLE
James: 34/8/7/0/2 vs. TORDec. 5
Blake Griffin - LAC
Griffin: 24/16/5/2/1 vs. INDDec. 4

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Recent Player Analysis

12/02 - Wayne Ellington

Ellington has received around 30 minutes for the last three games, but the Heat have been without Dion Waiters during that stretch. Ellington has played decently, so he may see some time after Waiters returns, but it won't be enough to warrant a roster spot in any format. (DH)Wayne Ellington profile page

11/11 - DeMar DeRozan

DeRozan is having a career year, but is it fool's gold? His field goal percentage from 2 point range is a remarkable 11 percent higher than last year, which suggests some regression moving forward. If the opportunity to sell high exists, it would be a smart thing to pull the trigger. Otherwise, enjoy it while it lasts and hope the regression is kept to a minimum. (DH)DeMar DeRozan profile page

11/11 - Jahlil Okafor

At this point, it has become clear that Okafor is going to have trouble reaching his full potential in Philly playing next to Joel Embiid. It wouldn't be surprising to see the Sixers deal him away by next season, so hang on tight keeper and dynasty owners. He's still good enough to own in redraft leagues, but his big game potential is truly capped. (DH)Jahlil Okafor profile page

11/10 - Lucas Nogueira

With the injury to Jonas, Nogueria has made the most of his playing time in the last two games and is surely making the coaching staff think. The rookie Jakob Poeltl, who has been ahead of him, hasn't performed this well in any game all season. As such, "Bebe" is probably worth a speculative add in some leagues, as you an always drop him later. He has been developing for a couple years and maybe now is his time. (DH)Lucas Nogueira profile page

11/10 - Terrence Jones

Terrence Jones has the potential to be a great player, but for some reason the Pelicans have not given him the opportunities they should be giving him. When they have let him run, he has put up the numbers. We assume that will change as the year goes on and that he will play more than Omer Asik, who is mostly useless, but making big money. If Jones if floating around in free agency in your league, it might be smart to pick him up while you can. (DH)Terrence Jones profile page